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Tips for Managing College Applications

For high school seniors around the country, the final push is officially underway.  Busy preparing for and taking standardized tests, finalizing college lists, completing admission essays, obtaining letters of recommendation, maintaining hectic schedules….this can be an intense and stressful time for the students and their parents!! Here are several ways to decrease the tension andContinue Reading

Purpose of a Positive “No!”

“NO!” The most powerful word in language, that easily causes offense to others. You commit to everything: being the troop leader, dog sitting for you neighbor, room mom for BOTH of your kids classrooms, more work projects for the boss. Taking on more than you can handle quickly leads to burnout because there is noContinue Reading

The Search for the Right Therapist

I always say that finding the right therapist is like dating: Two great people don’t always make the best match. The search for a therapist in Orange County can be overwhelming. Almost anyone can hang a sign that says “counselor” or “coach” where it takes years of training to earn the license as a “ClinicalContinue Reading