Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

Many people seek help to get relief from emotional distress, or to manage a problem that they are having in their lives. Often, those problems are connected to something deeper, causing you to feel “stuck” in a pattern that you are unaware of.  Learning to manage the problems, while also addressing the underlying issues is a crucial part in feeling more effective. Individual therapy utilizes psychodynamic and interpersonal psychotherapy, while weaving in dialectical and cognitive-behavioral techniques/interventions.

Couples therapy combines techniques from the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy. After gathering a comprehensive history about your relationship, we will specify goals and work to build strong emotional alliances. The goal is to help lead you to a deeper understanding of each other, and then move toward more effective problem solving and accountability for communicating your needs within the relationship.

Therapy for families focuses on the patterns of interaction between members, and emphasizes improved communication and connection as an important factor to create change. Involving various family members in treatment helps to benefit so that everyone has a similar understanding of the issues within the relationships, and expectations of others.

Dr. Lyndsay Elliott utilizes a collaborative approach to treatment – where she takes a considerable amount of time also coordinating with other providers (i.e. psychiatrist, physician, dietician) when needed. The consistent partnership with other providers helps to ensure the best outcome, more quickly.

Case Consultations

If you or someone you care about is struggling with a specific issue, contact Dr. Lyndsay Elliott for an initial consultation and discussion of the best course for treatment.