About Me. 
I am a Clinical Psychologist based in Newport Beach, California with a passion for helping others. I graduated from California State University Northridge, attended Pepperdine University, and received my Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from CSPP. While completing my Fellowship at UCLA in the Department of Psychiatry, I was a Research Associate and Lecturer in Neurology. As a wife and mother of two, I understand the pressures that arise raising happy, healthy kids. I’m committed to helping others to improve their lives and relationships, to live a wonderfully satisfying life.

Philosophy of Treatment.
Finding the right therapist is an integral process to making change. I have found that the relationship that is formed in treatment is an integral process to making a lasting impact on what matters most to you.

Approach to Therapy.
With over 14 years of experience, my general approach to therapy is to provide support and useful feedback, in an environment where you feel safe and respected. Beginning at the first appointment, we will work closely to understand your goals for treatment and obtain a full history on the issue(s) you need help thinking through. While keeping those goals in mind, we will explore your personal experiences so that you can create more effective patterns in the future.